Donnie Wahlberg’s Home Surrounded by Nature Where He Takes Care of His 20-Year-Old Stepson with Autism


Celebrity power couple Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy opened the doors to their modest home, revealing a space filled with love and family values. Donnie is devoted to his stepson, who has autism. The couple works together to provide a safe and nurturing environment for Evan.

Actor and musician Donnie Wahlberg had a difficult upbringing, growing up on the streets with eight siblings and relying on food stamps. However, his parents instilled values in him, teaching him the importance of love and family.

This made him an exceptional stepfather to his 20-year-old stepson, Evan Joseph Asher, who has autism. He and his wife, Jenny McCarthy, reside in a warm and inviting home, and their humble abode is a testament to their love for their family.

Wahlberg was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in a gritty neighborhood where money was scarce. If he or one of his eight siblings fell ill, there was no going to the doctor.

However, they made do with what they had, and their parents, Alma Wahlberg and Donald Wahlberg Sr., shared crucial life lessons. They taught the future Hollywood star that happiness was not found in material wealth but in the support of those closest to him.

This message stayed with the actor throughout his life and influenced his decisions and relationships. He recalled Christmas time as a child, and despite having very little money for gifts, the festive season was one of his favorites.

Wahlberg’s family had enough love to go around, and he explained that while their wish lists were never fulfilled, they still shared many precious moments. He added:


“Christmas was tough sometimes. We didn’t always get a lot of stuff, but that moment, the nine kids, literally sitting together on the steps waiting for our parents to come out and say, ‘OK, go down!’ It’s probably one of the greatest memories of my life.”

Wahlberg has supported many philanthropic projects since his rise to fame, and his generosity came from his experiences with poverty. The actor credits his parents for teaching him the foundation of love, family, and selflessness.

The star’s upbringing led him to seek a life filled with good values. His search paid off when he found the love of his life, McCarthy, with whom he has built a solid and loving relationship.

Wahlberg always desired a happy family, and his marriage to the actress, television host, and activist has given him precisely that..