Yes – It’s True: Gina Carano Nearly Punched Kathy Griffin’s Lights Out


The internet has been all worked up over a story about fired Mandalorian Star Gina Carano and disgraced comedienne, Kathy Griffin. According to reports, Griffin ran into Carano at an off-book comic convention and decided it would be a good idea to heckle her. But is it true?

Yes. We researched the story and found it to be 100% factually as true as possible.

“I see you even had a fake Cara Dune outfit made,” Griffin quipped when she saw Carano signing autographs. “Do your fans know you’re boinking Ben Shapiro dressed like his sister?”


That was all it took for Carano to get up from her seat and toss the table she was calmly sitting behind across the room. Two injured fans declined to press charges. Griffin ran, unaccustomed to being held accountable for her actions.