NCAA Championship Runner-Up Sues Lia Thomas For $4.2 Million


Biological male Lia Thomas is about to pay dearly for her decision to cheat women out of their swimming titles. 2nd-place winner Sandra Batt from the University of Michigan has filed suit against Thomas for $4.2 million. Batt says Thomas owes her that and a lot more in damages.

Thomas, who broke records every time she got in a pool, was a mediocre male swimmer before switching sides one day and deciding to be a woman. At 6-7. 245 pounds, Thomas was unmatched at the NCAA National Championships.

She won gold in 11 events, only allowing one other swimmer to win one, because she “didn’t feel like competing” at the moment. Thomas completed the nearly impossible 26,000-meter freestyle in just under 6 minutes.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said swimming expert Thornton Mellon, “she just dominated the whole thing. I’m glad she wasn’t around when I was a diver.”


The suit was filed in federal court in Kentucky and will be heard in the NCAA’s home state of Nebraska. Thomas, who swims for the University of Pennsylvania at Hershey, lives in Montana but grew up in Louisiana. Batt has never left Michigan except to swim.

Vegas has Batt as the clear winner at 60-to-1 odds.