Whoopi Goldberg Loses It on The View After Confronting Elon Musk, Gets Kicked Off Her Own Show


A surprising encounter unfolded on the popular daytime talk show The View when host Whoopi Goldberg found herself face-to-face with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. The incident took place during a segment dedicated to discussing Musk’s recent tweets and public statements, which had sparked controversy.

Known for her straightforward approach and passionate demeanor, Goldberg wasted no time in challenging Musk about his recent behavior. “Elon, you’ve been making some quite outlandish statements lately,” she remarked, “and many people are curious about what’s going on with you.”

Musk, seemingly relishing the opportunity to defend himself, replied, “I believe people just need to lighten up a bit. I’m simply having some fun, Whoopi.”

However, Goldberg was unyielding. “It’s not a matter of joking when you use your platform to spread potentially harmful misinformation,” she asserted, her voice escalating. “You’re putting lives at risk, and that is no laughing matter.”

As the conversation grew more heated, the other hosts attempted to mediate, but Goldberg refused to be swayed. Finally, she exclaimed, “I won’t sit here and tolerate this nonsense!” and dramatically exited the set.


The show’s producers were taken aback by Goldberg’s outburst, and viewers took to social media to express their astonishment and disappointment. Many criticized her behavior, accusing her of lacking professionalism and showing disrespect towards her guest.


others came to Goldberg’s defense, arguing that she was merely standing up for her convictions and refusing to let Musk off the hook for his controversial statements.

Ultimately, the incident ignited a nationwide debate about the role of public figures in shaping public opinion and the responsibilities that accompany fame and influence.

While Goldberg may have lost her composure on The View that day, numerous individuals believe that her actions served as a powerful reminder of the significance of challenging misinformation and holding those in positions of power accountable.