Tucker Carlson Declines CNN’s $30 Million Offer, Citing Concerns About The Network’s Priorities


Tucker Carlson, the former host of Fox News, expressed surprise at his departure from the network. Carlson stated that he was not aware that the network was about to take a new direction. He recounted that he was informed upon arriving at work that they had mutually agreed to part ways. The situation was unusual since mutual decisions typically involve both parties.

Despite his departure, Carlson was offered an enormous $30 million by CNN to host his show. However, he turned down the offer, stating in an interview with Glenn Beck that he did not want to work for an operation that prioritizes money and ratings over journalistic integrity.

However, CNN denies having any contact with Carlson, and in an attempt to save face, they even fired Don Lemon. CNN News Director Joe Barron argued that they would not add someone like Tucker Carlson, who stands for everything they despise as journalists, after firing Don Lemon

On the other hand, Carlson believes that CNN can deny it all they like, but he knows the truth. He stated that he is headed to OAN to run its news division and does not need an operation like CNN that cannot even get a streaming service up and running.


CNN refused to comment on why its streaming service was not successful. Barron commented that the streaming service’s failure might be because only boomers watch cable news, making it hard for them to understand what a streaming audience might want. Carlson’s loyal supporters can be assured that he will be back soon, and he signed off with “God Bless America.”