Whoopi Goldberg Leaves in Tears After Confronting Elon Musk on ‘The View’


New York City – A dramatic incident unfolded on the set of the popular talk show “The View” as co-host Whoopi Goldberg engaged in a heated confrontation with Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, resulting in Goldberg leaving the stage in tears.

The exchange commenced when Goldberg questioned Musk about his recent controversial statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Musk had faced criticism for downplaying the severity of the virus, prompting Goldberg to seek clarification on his spreading of potentially misleading information.

Known for his outspoken and occasionally contentious remarks, Musk defended his stance by emphasizing the importance of free speech and individuals’ right to express their opinions, regardless of their popularity.

Goldberg, visibly upset by Musk’s response, strongly challenged him, accusing him of utilizing his influential platform to disseminate hazardous ideas that could jeopardize lives.

This led to an escalated exchange between Musk and Goldberg. He accused her of close-mindedness and an unwillingness to consider alternative perspectives.

Overwhelmed by the situation, Goldberg abruptly stood up and tearfully walked off the set, leaving her co-hosts and the audience stunned.


The incident quickly ignited a passionate online debate, with individuals taking sides on the matter. Some criticized Goldberg for her emotional reaction and perceived inability to handle Musk’s assertive personality, while others praised her for confronting what they deemed a dangerous figure.


Musk nor Goldberg has issued public statements about the incident. However, sources suggest that tensions persist between the two, indicating the potential for future confrontations.

Regardless of the subsequent developments, it is evident that the clash between Goldberg and Musk has captivated the attention of millions and is destined to be remembered as a memorable moment in the history of “The View.”