Woke Disney Suffers Another Massive Financial Hit


Walt Disney World’s insanely expensive themed hotel, based on its woke Star Wars franchise, is shutting down operations after just 18 months in the latest financial disaster to befall the company. The closure was announced on May 18th.

The Galactic Starcruiser Hotel offered a nearly full-immersive experience for guests willing to pay an exorbitant cost for a two-night stay aboard a mock starcruiser, replete with light-saber training and space-themed fare.

The Daily Caller, citing Disney’s own website, pegged the cost of staying at the hotel as more than most people pay for their monthly mortgage, for just one night.

“Costs for the voyage came in at a staggering $1,200 per person, per night. Family packages began at a whopping $6,000,” the outlet wrote. “The price tag included food and drink, admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a planetary excursion to Galaxy’s Edge, the Star Wars-themed land, an exclusive magic band, and a two-night stay in either a cabin or suite.”

Disney’s website expanded on the experience guests could expect, boasting that it was the “most immersive Star Wars story ever created.” The website says:

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is a revolutionary 2-night experience where you are the hero. You and your group will embark on a first-of-its-kind Star Wars adventure that’s your own. It’s the most immersive Star Wars story ever created—one where you live a bespoke experience and journey further into a Star Wars adventure than you ever dreamed possible.

Arrive at the Walt Disney World Resort terminal, board a launch pod and rendezvous with the magnificent Halcyon starcruiser. Stay in a cabin or suite with an exquisite view of space.

Throughout the ship, you’ll interact with an eclectic collection of characters, sit down to exotic galactic cuisine and perhaps even plot a secret mission together.

As the itinerary continues, you’ll take the story further and deeper. Choose your path. Seek out the inner workings of the legendary starship, learn the traditional art of wielding a lightsaber and even jump on a transport to the planet Batuu—where your mission continues at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

Of course, Disney is already outrageously expensive, and for anyone that’s ever attempted a family vacation it seems like parents are just as busy justifying the cost of everything as they are enjoying it. Between paying $20 for a small funnel cake and dealing with children’s meltdowns, it is befuddling why anyone would embark on such a vacation.


Add to that the fact that many people, in the case of Star Wars specifically and the Disney brand in general, are beyond turned off by the overt political stances taken by the corporation, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for rejection.

And in addition to this latest failure, which will surely eat into the struggling company’s bottom line, Daily Caller went on to report that the hotel’s closing comes amid other news that Disney was backing away from a $1 billion expansion to their Orlando-based theme park.

Daily Caller continued:

Disney further announced it would be cancelling a proposed $1 billion installation amid “changing business conditions” for the company. The project, known as Lake Nona Town Center, was expected to create up to 2,000 jobs for the Orlando-based resort and was expected to give the company a half a billion dollars in tax breaks.The Walt Disney Company suffered a direct-to-consumer operating loss of over $1 billion, the company announced earlier this year. Its streaming service also lost a staggering 2.4 million subscribers. These setbacks for the company forced reinstated CEO Bob Iger to announce 7,000 employee layoffs in February.

The adage “go woke, go broke” seems especially true than for the Mickey Mouse company. And there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight for its virtue signaling.