Riley Gaines Rejects $3 Million Partnership Offer from Nike: “I Won’t Support Your Virtue Signaling Brand”


Riley Gaines Declines $3 Million Partnership Offer from Nike: “I Won’t Support Their Performative Brand”

During an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Riley Gaines openly expressed her decision to turn down a lucrative deal with Nike, stating her refusal to contribute to what she perceives as the company’s hollow virtue signaling.

“I won’t be the savior of their ‘woke’ brand,” Gaines confidently declared. She further emphasized the need for authentic stars like herself to challenge the prevailing narrative surrounding transgender individuals who compete against women.

Gaines had been on her way to achieving greatness when her path intersected with a swimmer possessing remarkable physical advantages, such as an unusually long wingspan and significantly developed muscles beyond typical female parameters. This swimmer was Lia Thomas, a biological male who gained recognition and success while competing as a woman, leaving athletes like Gaines to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Had that decisive day not occurred, Riley Gaines believes that the world would have recognized her name. Instead of merely tying for 5th place in an NCAA women’s swimming event, she would have solidified her fame and fortune by securing a definitive 5th place.


“I was unjustly deprived,” Gaines voiced her sentiments, persistently sharing her story until she found an audience receptive to her experiences. She remains resolute in her belief that her candor and appeal to men with conservative views stem from her adept use of buzzwords and what society perceives as attractive qualities.

Joe Barron, an individual who spoke without formal attribution, remarked, “She has the potential to become the next Tomi Lahren, as long as she undergoes some plastic surgery. Her eyes are too close together.”