Ford Joins Woke Advertising, Seeks to Redefine “Tough” With “Very Gay Raptor”


A Ford advertisement has resurfaced on social media featuring what Ford calls the “Very Gay Raptor” which seeks to redefine “tough”.  Conservative commentator Caroline Wilder tweeted a video of the Ford advertisement from 2022, which now seems to be getting renewed attention amid the Bud Light boycott.

The advertisement features two Ford Raptors racing through rough, off-road terrain covered in mud.  The two trucks then pass through water which washes off the mud revealing their paint jobs.  One of the trucks features a massive rainbow that covers the hood and extends down the side of the vehicle.  Watch the video below.

Twitter users voiced their disda in for the “Very Gay Raptor” in the comments of Caroline’s tweet.  One user said, “I will be dumping my ford stock today.”

Another said, “Bud Light / AB: We’re going to put a transgender on our cans, alienate our user base, and lose 25% revenue in less than a month! Ford: Hold my beer.”  

One person expressed how out of touch these marketing executives are with average America, stating, “Showing wokeness is nothing more than a company’s executives accidentally revealing that they are completely surrounded by luxurious society. They don’t think they are flipping off half of the country because they only know progressives and think that’s what all Americans value.”

Another user comically added, “Interesting Fact: During the race, the red truck misgendered the other vehicle, which identifies as a Lamborghini, by calling it a “truck” which it then halted the race and sobbed uncontrollably for the next few hours, which explains why the final scene was in the evening.”

Ford Media released an statement in June 2022 titled “FORD’S ‘VERY GAY RAPTOR’ SET TO REDEFINE ‘TOUGH’ AT GOODWOOD” that reads:

Ford will continue demonstrating its allyship with the LGBTQ+ community at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week, bringing “Very Gay Raptor” and the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor along for the ride.

The appearance of “Very Gay Raptor” at the event near Chichester, UK, will be used to further initiate important discussions and aimed at driving out discrimination in the automotive industry, and beyond. As part of this, Ford will be presenting live sessions of its new “Tough Talks” series at Goodwood from the truck bed of “Very Gay Raptor”, hosted by Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas, the first openly-gay rugby union player.


The sessions will explore how the automotive industry can foster a culture of inclusion and allyship for the LGBTQ+ community, covering a range of topics and featuring guests such as racing driver Abbie Eaton, comedian Catherine Bohart, and Lord March – the son of the Duke of Richmond, who founded the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival.

Created in 2021, “Very Gay Raptor” was born in response to a negative comment on social media, with Ford rendering its most badass nameplate in sparkling gold adorned with rainbow graphics. The positive response online was so overwhelming the manufacturer decided to make it real, and has been using it as a tool to help drive out discrimination ever since.

In a video teasing the appearance of “Very Gay Raptor” and Next-Gen Ranger Raptor at the event, both vehicles speed through off-road trails covered in mud – at times taking different paths, facing off, yet displaying their equally impressive and tough abilities, regardless of their differing identities.

Note:   Featured image is screen grab from embedded video.