“You Piece of Sh**”: Geraldo Gets Wrecked for Woke Post on Twitter


Geraldo recently raised the ire of populist right Twitter with a post about the indictment of and investigations into former President Donald Trump, suggesting that President Biden should offer to pardon Trump in exchange for Trump dropping out of the race.

In his post, Geraldo called the investigations “tortured nonsense,” which many would agree with, but then suggested it would be a good thing if Biden used those investigations to force Trump out of the race, saying, “As I have said consistently, President Biden should stop this tortured nonsense immediately. In exchange for former President Trump dropping out of the race for the White House, Biden should pardon him for any and all federal allegations.”

Rich Baris, the “People’s Pundit” who has been able to get very close to exactly correct on predicting the past few presidential and midterm elections and is known for his populist outlook, tore into Geraldo for the post. Baris began by saying what many people think when they hear Geraldo speak, saying, “You piece of shit.”

Continuing, Baris blasted Geraldo for his elitist stance on politics and the dubious morals of the people he supports and surrounds himself with while also mocking Geraldo’s absurd facial hair, saying, “Voters get to decide who leads this country, not scumbag elites who betray their friends and grow ridiculously large mustaches.”

Continuing, Baris pointed out where Geraldo and many on the more populist right disagree, claiming that Geraldo cares far more about Hunter being an addict than his allegedly corrupt activities around the globe where he allegedly sold out America and her interests to collect some cash on behalf of his dad, saying, “To Geraldo, Hunter Biden is a scumbag because he’s an an addict, not because he’s a bag man for his dad.”

Ending his anti-Geraldo tirade, Baris then said, “And he’d sell out his mom.”

And Baris was far from the only one infuriated by Geraldo’s argument about what Biden should do. One commenter noted that the whole thing would be a blatant misuse of power on par with banana republic misdeeds, saying, “You realize that would be an impeachable misuse of Bidens executive office, right Gerald?

” Replying to that comment, another commenter noted that America is well past caring about constitutional exercises of power and claimed that Geraldo just wants to see Biden exercise that raw power, saying, “Gerald knows we are well past the fair application of the law and into the blatant exercise of raw power. And he’s OK with that.

And while the right was infuriated with Geraldo’s post, the left was angered as well, furious at the idea that Trump would not be “punished”for what they claim was “treason,” among sundry other heinous offenses. One commenter, posting about that in an angry tirade underneath Geraldo’s post, said, “What ever drugs you’re on son. Stop them immediately. He committed treason and countless other crimes. YOU CANNOT LET THIS GO UNPUNISHED. Justice should be the same for everyone. Trump isn’t special or above the law.”

So, Geraldo got everyone except the elites he likes rubbing elbows with angry, though his suggestion about what Biden should do might very well be what Biden is trying to do to force Trump out of the race.