VIDEO: Brantley Gilbert Jumps In Crowd To Confront Man At Concert After Catching Him Punch Girl In The Head


Country superstar Brantley Gilbert has proved that chivalry might have taken a pretty bloody beating in our modern era, but it still has a pulse. During one of Brantley’s recent concerts, the musician witnessed a man punching a girl in the audience, and he has having none of that. Gilbert jumped into the crowd as security was being notified of the incident.

The folks over at Louder With Crowder then reported that Brantley immediately got in the man’s face while the attacker tried to avoid the confrontation by claiming the girl hit him first. This was probably not the wisest thing to say, but give him an “A” for effort.

According to the report, the man was fairly big and the woman was on the opposite side of the spectrum. Gilbert tells the man to “chill the f*** out,” while other ladies in the vicinity called security. The singer made his way back to the railing of the stage, thanks the crowd for coming to the show, then finishes his set.


While the country star was in the crowd, one woman took advantage of the moment to try and get a selfie with him.

Brantley Gilbert had the man tossed out of the concert for his behavior.

According to the Whiskey Riff, this isn’t the first time that Brantley has intervene in shenanigans going down at one of his shows. During a concert in 2020, there was a ruckus in the crowd between some fans that led to Gilbert telling them to “shake hands and say ‘I’ll see your a** in the parking lot.’”