Dad absolutely slays National Anthem when audio fails at his son’s high school basketball game


An Ohio dad was not about to let his son’s high school basketball game begin without the National Anthem. Unfortunately, the audio system failed so Trenton Brown sang it on his own from the stands. This was his first time singing the National Anthem solo and he completely nailed it.

The Star Spangled Banner is a very challenging song to sing even with practice. Brown decided to belt out the song with some encouragement from his wife to kick off the game.

First Solo Performance Of The National Anthem

“I looked over at the announcer and the music didn’t play and didn’t play and I looked over and he was getting a little frustrated. My wife gave me a little nudge and said “Sing” and I said, “All right,’” Ezekiel’s father said.

Brown sings and plays music, but he had never performed the National Anthem on his own and he did it without preparation.

In addition to getting the challenging pitch just perfect, the acoustics are another story. A high school gym’s acoustics are less than desirable.

This patriotic dad pushed those concerns away. The National Anthem needed to be performed and he stepped up to the challenge without any notice.

He pulled down his mask and went for it.

“There was a lot of awkward silence … and then I started singing and that was it,” Brown said.

What a fantastic performance! You can watch it in the video below.

As soon as he finished singing, Brown returned to the role of proud basketball dad.

He began eating his popcorn and drinking his Mountain Dew.

Brought The Gym To Tears

Another dad, Johnny Futhey, captured the video and posted it to Facebook. It quickly went viral showing how important the National Anthem is to everyday Americans.


“He brought about everyone in the gym to tears when he saved the day by standing up in the crowd and singing the anthem,” Futhey said.

What the video fails to show is that the rest of the crowd ended up joining in and singing along with Brown.

Too bad some professional players don’t subscribe to the same proud patriotism as Trenton Brown and the crowd in the gym. Many have jumped on the bandwagon with Colin Kaepernick by refusing to stand for the song.

“When I originally posted I thought it would get some interest but didn’t realize it would be like a million views!” he continued. “I posted it because I was like, the world needs to see this.”

Yes! We do need to see more of spontaneous displays of patriotism. More, please!