Toby Keith Withdraws from Joint August Show with Garth Brooks: “I Cannot Associate Myself with That”


Toby Keith has chosen not to perform alongside Garth Brooks, whom he refers to as “woke,” at an upcoming event in Fort Sebetsville, Florida. The event has been in the planning stages for over two years.

According to Tour Manager Joe Barron, Toby Keith doesn’t want to share the stage with someone who has made derogatory remarks about half of the American population. He believes that by performing together, he could risk losing the respect of his fans.

Garth Brooks recently faced a negative reception at the 123rd Annual Texas Country Jamboree in Hambriston, Texas. Typically welcomed with standing ovations, he was booed off the stage. Additionally, he lost financial support for his nightclub, “Friends in Low Places,” and his record deal with Capitol.

Barron stated that most country stars share Toby Keith’s sentiment and would not want to tour with Garth Brooks under the circumstances.

In response to the decision, Brooks mentioned that missing one show with Keith doesn’t greatly concern him. However, he believes there could have been a different approach to address the issue for the benefit of all parties involved, even though he seemed dismissive of anyone outside of his own “woke” circle.


The event in question was a charity show aimed at supporting leukemia research and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, focusing on terminally ill children. Brooks’ spokesperson, Art Tubolls, commented on the situation, labeling it an odd choice by Keith to prioritize divisive individuals in order to boost record sales.

To mitigate the fallout, Brooks decided to donate $200 million to the fundraising efforts of the show. While it may not compensate for his absence, it is a gesture aimed at resolving the controversy. It is ironic that Brooks is resorting to financial compensation when he could have contributed positively by participating in the charity event. Nonetheless, he seems determined to buy his way out of the situation.