“Woke, Weak, White Women”: Megyn Kelly Slams Drew Barrymore For “Cringey” Kneeling With Dylan Mulvaney


Former Fox News anchor and current Sirium XM host Megyn Kelly slammed the washed up, woke actress Drew Barrymore for “praying at the transgender altar” after she knelt on the floor in front of trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Mulvaney was celebrating the 365th day – or first year – of being a “woman.”

Leading into her comments, Kelly previewed the now-viral video showing talk show host Barrymore discussing whatever with Mulvaney, which then led to her leaving her seat and taking the uber cringe position of prostration below Mulvaney.

The entire spectacle prompted Kelly to ask where all of the strong women were anymore.

“What is most bizarre here – here, Dylan [Mulvaney] is the normal one,” the Sirius host said. “Dylan is not behaving to me in any particularly odd way. Drew Barrymore is.”

“As an image, [Barrymore’s kneeling] encapsulates a lot of what is driving actual biological women nuts about this whole evolution, which is trans women are coming into our locker rooms, in our sports, in our bathrooms, in our colleges, and so on and taking over,” she continued. “And we as women are expected to take the knee and just be thankful and say, ‘We appreciate what you’re doing to us, and anything else means you’re a bigot.’”

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the embarrassing moment for yourself. The instance to which Kelly referenced begins at the 1:20 mark.

“It was so cringy,” the former Fox News host explained. “Her fake smile … This is an actress. Drew Barrymore is acting. And what was she acting the part of? Woke, weak, white woman praying at the transgender altar. That’s her part in this particular role …”

The whole moment got even worse, if possible, once Mulvaney likewise joined Barrymore on the floor of the set so that they could “feel safer.” Kelly remarked on that idea by jokingly suggesting she could host the “next presidential debate from the floor.”

“Perhaps I should have been sitting on the floor when I asked [President Donald] Trump or any of these other guys tough questions,” Kelly said. “How weak is she … Where are the strong women? What is it? False strength by showing every weakness coming out of your pores. And it may all be an affectation, which makes it even more insulting.”


Aside from the kneeling, the whole conversation was what one Twitter user described as “pure narcissism.”

At one point, the two exchanged victim status points, with Mulvaney telling Barrymore, “It’s interesting because I look at someone like you and I can’t imagine anybody disliking you,”

“Oh, please,” Barrymore answered, beginning the kneel. “Do you want to know, ironically, who dislikes me the most sometimes? Myself.”

Megyn Kelly wasn’t the only one disgusted by the act.

“Women are now getting on their hands and knees to show solidarity with a man who has lived as a woman for less than a year. Truly the sneakiest trick the patriarchy ever pulled,” State Freedom Caucus Network communications director Greg Price said

of the video.


“Why does Drew Barrymore Hate Women?  By kneeling and bowing down to a MAN who Mocks Women- Drew is slapping every single woman in the face. Such an insult. #dylanmulvaney.” wrote the prominent account Oil London.

“Woody Harrelson was right. Fame has some very negative effects on the brain. Hot Takes: All Hell Breaks Loose After Drew Barrymore Prostrates Herself Before Trans ‘Woman’” RedState deputy managing editor Brandon Morse said, linking to his article.