WATCH: Jim Caviezel Thanks Supporters For Not Letting “Sound Of Freedom” Be Silenced


Jim Caviezel, the Christian actor who played Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” and who played Tim Ballard in “Sound of Freedom,” took to Twitter to thank his supporters and the enemies of child trafficking for not letting the film be silenced.

He did so in a video posted to Twitter with the caption, “We hit 2 million tickets for @SOFMovie2023! This is a representation of the children’s lives who will be saved. Thank you to @AngelStudiosInc for championing this film and to the audience. Please continue to share this message because God’s children are not for sale!

As can be heard in the video, Caviezel first thanked people who stood up for the film and said that fighting against trafficking should be something that everyone should want to do without a second thought, saying, “Hey, everybody. How you doing? I’d like to thank, first of all the Harmon brothers, Jordan, Neil, Jeff, for being extra brilliant. For believing in us and having to overcome the fact that saving children should never be a controversial, should be a quick assignment that any of us would ever do.

Continuing, he noted that people have to choose between being loved by God and loved by evil but powerful people in this world, saying, “But I’ve always said ‘do you want to be liked by many, the world, Hollywood? Or do you want to be loved by one, which is God?’ Because love don’t come from man comes from above.

He then returned to thanking those that supported the film and stopped the corporate press from silencing the film and its powerful, important message, saying, “So I’m sitting here thinking about all you amazing Americans that are fighting a battle and helping us in this war. It’s the greatest evil that has ever been. Because you know that God’s children are enough. So I want to thank you all for helping us reach 2 million tickets. And thanks for not letting the media silence us, your voices, your voices were heard. I love you.

Commenting on Caviezels’ post, people thanked him for working so hard to expose the issue and for taking the brunt of the attacks for sticking up for the kids. One commenter, for example, said

, “JC and Mel Gibson are good ppl, they are risking it all to expose the human trafficking and the worst kind of abuse that the women & little kids have endured in these human trafficking rings,its hard subject to talk about but ppl need 2 hear the truth about human trafficking 

Another said, “Thank you for making this movie. It will continue to be watched and influence people to do the right thing. You are a great patriot. I cannot thank you enough.

A third commented that it is shocking and horrific it took so long and so much effort to push the film to being released after Disney bought the IP, saying, “Just saw the movie today  finding out it took 5 years to be released. In my opinion, is just disgusting. My hope is for a real awakening to child trafficking & the pedophiles of our world. Thank u for ur courage in playing this role.”

Watch him here: