Bud Light Stance Taking Its Toll On Garth Brooks Tour, Fans Boycott Shows


The hits just keep coming for Garth Brooks.  He decided to stand against traditional values, something his fans are passionate about, and it’s hitting him right where it hurts.  People are showing the country music star how they feel about Bud Light and his support for it, and they’re telling him w ith their wallets.


The tour, which was slated to be a sell out, is seeing less than stellar ticket sales. A 20,000 seat stadium sold less than 800 tickets, and that’s not the only one. Several shows are seeing poor sales, and they may have to be cancelled altogether because the cost is too high. The tour is losing money hand over fist and shows no signs of letting up.

Garth Brooks has come under fire since 2021, when he performed at the Joe Biden inauguration. Fans were still seeing red over that, and the Bud Light controversy has pushed them over the edge. It’s as if Garth Brooks forgot where he came from and what country music has always stood for. Conservative, Christian, family values. It’s what this country was based on, and so was country music.

Country music super fan Sandy Batt of Idaho just can’t believe it. “ I used to love old Garth. Putting on his music and drinking cold beers while plowing the field or getting plowed was American as apple pie or school shootings. Now it just seems dirty. It seems unAmerican, ungodly. Garth has really let us down. And I used to really get down to his hits, if you know what I mean”.

How Garth Brooks could just turn his back on his fans like this is incomprehensible. That’s a big word and it means you can’t understand, because God forbid any of you got an education. Country music was all about brothers and sisters getting to know each other a little too well, rusty pick up trucks, thinly veiled bigotry and celebrating the dumbest things in America.

Hopefully Garth Brooks will come to his senses and come back to God and realize that he needs to hate what they hate, no matter how ridiculous it is and how dumb it makes them all collectively look. This is America. And God bless real country music and God bless America.