Little Girl Has Hilarious Comeback After Her Brother Is Patted Down At Security


Mila Stauffer is a 2 year-old girl who recently set off from her home in Arizona to take a trip to Michigan with her family. When little Mila arrived at the airport that day, she never expected things to get so complicated so fast!

Mila is one of five children, so it’s rare that her family of seven can do anything without drawing attention to themselves. Sure enough, when they started going through the security checkpoint, something happened that young Mila did not like at all.

As soon as Mila got home, she grabbed her mother’s camera so that she could vent to the world about her experience at TSA. The video has since gone viral, as people all over the globe can’t get enough of Mila’s take on things!

Watch as Mila vents about the long lines, lack of bathrooms, and even her brother being pat down!

Many adults find traveling difficult and stressful, so you can only imagine what it’s like for a little girl who has never experienced being at the airport before. Mila’s mother tried hard not to giggle as she watched her daughter reveal exactly why TSA is so frustrating to deal with. She definitely has one precocious little girl on her hands! This mother is going to have to keep an eye on Mila when she hits her teenage rebellious years!


The video ends with Mila declaring that she’s done with TSA and “never again” will she go through that type of experience. We find that a little hard to believe, Mila!

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