WATCH: Geraldo Explains Who Got Him Fired From “The Five,” Who He Will “Never Forgive”


During a recent appearance on ABC’s “The View,” during which he also helped the hosts smear President Donald Trump, former Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera explained who got him fired from “The Five.” According to Rivera, he claimed he had a “very toxic” relationship with one of his co-hosts and that it led to his termination.

Geraldo refused to say who it was with whom he had a “toxic relationship” on air, though that almost certainly was Greg Gutfeld. Gutfled and Geraldo would spar over almost every issue, mainly due to Geraldo’s particularly liberal politics. Rivera also argued that the other host was often favored by Fox News staff,saying, “I thought it was very unfair that I was not judged objectively in our disputes, but rather he was always favored.”

And so he ended up being fired from the show and was offered another one, which he declined. Discussing that, he said, “If you fired me from the #1 show, then I’m going to quit.” When asked why FNC wouldn’t build a new show around him, hesaid

, “My ideology does not fit Fox. They always kind of squeezed me in.

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Those weren’t his only gripes with FNC. He also complained about when he was suspended from the network for calling January 6th an “inside job” and was unable to speak to the media about the situation.

Describing that time and what he thinks about it, Geraldosaid, “I wanted to speak out on that because I was very offended by it. Continuing, he added, “Everyone knows that it was Donald Trump inciting an insurrection. He inspired those people. He directed those people, he encouraged those people, he sicced those people on the capital of the United States, he stabbed the Constitution in the back. And I think that for Fox to pretend that there was an honest debate about January 6, or the 2020 election, I think, was obscene. And I think it needed to be said



Continuing on the Jan 6th topic, Geraldo later said, “I don’t like to be unkind, but what he did, just as I will never vote for Donald Trump, I will never forgive Tucker about January 6th.” He added, “I am vowed to dedicate whatever energy I have left in this profession is to ensure he is not ever re-elected president ever.” He vowed to do that, he said, because the thinks Trump “incited a riot, he encouraged people to go there and ruin their lives.

Geraldo also attacked Tucker on Twitter over his Ukraine stance and, again, for January 6th, saying, “Due respect to Tucker Carlson, but he’s as full of shit about Ukraine as he was about January 6th. His smiley face doesn’t change fact Russia invaded sovereign Ukraine; 1000’s are dead, including women & children, the world order is assailed and Putin is a punk.

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