CMT Ratings Down 64 Percent After Axing Jason Aldean Video


CMT, Country Music Television may have just joined the Bud Lights of the world. They’ve certainly angered their fans, their loyal fans by cutting the new Jason Aldean music video. The once lauded television channel that once catered to patriotic Americans is feeling the heat after betraying country music superstar Jason Aldean.

A few months back, they featured drag performers at their music video award show, which angered many long time CMT viewers, many protesting that they’d never watch again. Now, in a bow to the liberal left elitists, they have pulled “Try That In A Small Town”, the mega hit from Jason Aldean, and now country music fans are showing them the door, possibly for good.

The channel’s viewership is down over 64 percent. Country music fans are not dealing with this cancel culture wokism. This was a bridge way too far. They see the Aldean song as patriotic, an adage to the America that is almost gone thanks to wokism and cancel culture.

Long time fans, Sandy Batt and Joe Barron of Idaho have had enough. The bother sister couple living in a ramshackle trailer on the outskirts of the town Nampa are turning off CMT

for good. “We done used to get drunk on Bud Light, turn up the Country Music Television and have unnatural relations, and now these woke liberals and millennials are ruinin’ fer folks like us!” Batt moaned, afraid that without copious amounts of alcohol and country music, the relationship she has with her brother will forever change.


It’s a real sad state of affairs in America that a brother and sister in a low rent trailer park in Idaho have to reevaluate their relationship because the things that brought them together, simplistic racist music and low cost booze, are now seen as “woke”, “liberal” and their life choices really come into focus once these things stop clouding their minds. Thoughts and prayers to most of Idaho, rural Pennsylvania, the entire Midwest and south and the most remote areas of Oregon. God bless America.



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