WATCH: Herd Of “Karens” Stampede Out Of Comedy Club Over Dylan Mulvaney Joke


What do people think of Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney marketing scheme? Well, thesales numbers are inandaren’t looking great…and thestock was just downgradedby a major investment bank…so you might think that the average American is good and fed up with Bud Light and its marketing sidekick, Dylan Mulvaney.

And that might well be true. But it doesn’t stop the self-righteous left from acting…self-righteous and storming out of a comedy club because of a joke with which they disagreed. Such is what comedian Chrissy Mayr drew attention to in a tweet showing her at the comedy club telling a joke about Dylan Mulvaney and the crowd storming out. Watch that here:

For those that can’t listen to the video, the joke Mayr told was, “Why has it been a year of girlhood and still no t*ts? That’s day one, okay? If I’m transitioning to a dude, day one I’m getting a c*ck and I’m getting the biggest one you can find. Like go into the back room, get me something black.

”Mayr then tried to reel the stampeding “Karens” back in, saying “No, it’s all good. We can all have different beliefs, it’s okay. Some of us can believe in reality and some of us can’t.”

But they disagreed vehemently. Instead of just sitting through the one joke they disliked, Mayr claims they both complained to management and knocked over her merchandise table, saying, “Just FYI these “women” went straight to management to complain and then proceeded to stampede (knock over) my merch table. This is the conflict when it comes to comedy and Leftists. It’s just not compatible.”

Interestingly, conservative commentator Megyn Kelly made a similar point, albeit less vulgarly, about Mulvaney being “non-breasted.” In her words:

“Nike sponsoring Dylan Mulvaney now for f****ing sports bra. I’m sorry, Dylan doesn’t have breasts. Dylan’s been taking some sort of a hormone that has turned Dylan into some — I don’t know what’s happening there. But those are not breasts.”

“And Dylan doesn’t need any sort of a bra — never mind a sports bra. The three ladies on this program right now have six boobs between us, and we actually know what it’s like to wear a bra, and no one would be inspired to buy one based on non-breasted Dylan Mulvaney prancing around in a Nike sports bra.”

Continuing, Kelly went on to say that it looks like Mulvaney has “an eating disorder” and shouldn’t be “anybody’s spokesperson for anything. If there were a woman who looked like that, she couldn’t get an endorsement because they say she clearly is unwell.”

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