For 1st Time in 99 Years, California Crowns Transgender Woman In Beauty Pageant


Monroe Lace made history bybecomingthe first biological male to win the Miss San Francisco beauty queen pageant.

Competitors spend years training and participating in the pageants in order to qualify. Lacebecamethe first transgender woman to be crowned in the competition’s 99-year history.

25-year-old Lacesaida major goal is to be a role model for young children.

“Every time I put on the sash, the weight of it reminds me of the weight of my job; of the responsibility I have to make a difference for young children,” Lacesaid.

Since the age of 12, Lacesayswinning the competition has been a “deam.”

Appearing on CBS News, Lace is working to have an impact on the community.

CBS showed Lace reading a book titled “Sparkle Boy” to a 4th-grade class. The book depicts a young boy who wants to wear women’s clothing.

“When Lace won Miss San Francisco as part of the Miss California pageant in March 2023, she became the second-ever trans winner of any local Miss America pageant,” thereportsaid.

Brían Nguyenbecamethe first transgender women to be crowned in the U.S. after winning the Miss Greater Derry contest in New Hampshire in 2023.

“While many beauty pageants explicitly ban trans entrants, the official Miss America and its local event have never done so,” the report added.


“The requirements merely state that the contestant must be marked as female on their birth certificate. The laws in California meant that Monroe Lace had been able to get her certificate corrected, but this is obviously still a hurdle in certain states.”

“Monroe Lace’s win and public presence come at an important time in the national conversation,” thereportcontinued.

“The ability for trans kids across the nation to see Lace living her life as Miss San Francisco is already a great step, but Lace isn’t stopping there,” thereportconcluded.