John Rich Takes Shot At Garth Brooks Over Weird TikTok Video


Garth Brooks and John Rich have been on opposite sides of the cultural spectrum for some time. Brooks is a kumbaya, peace-and-love liberal that is deathly afraid of offending anyone as it might affect his bottom line. Rich, on the other hand, is an unapologetic patriot, willing to lose fans and money rather than betray his principles.

Ironically, the stances taken have earned Rich fans and likely more money, while Brooks has taken blow after blow for his support of Bud Light and the faux tough talk he engaged in regarding the devastating boycott on the brand and his support for it in his soon to open Lower Broadway bar.

Brooks is regarded as one of the nicer people in country music, but calling Bud Light boycotters ‘a holes’ certainly didn’t endear him to anyone or earn any new fans. Rich, on the other hand, stopped selling the beer as a matter of business. People simply stopped buying it, so he stopped selling it.

Now that the Bud Light controversy Brooks stirred up has finally died down, and the left has turned their attention to Jason Aldean, a video by Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood has emerged that is sure to fire people back up and cost Brooks even more fans.

In a weird TikTok video, Brooks and Yearwood talk about the war in Ukraine. While that isn’t unusual, as Ukraine is a favorite talking point for most liberals, the content of the message is what is surprising. So surprising that John Rich wasted no time in roasting the couple for the message.

Brooks, for some reason wearing a flat-brimmed hat with the stickers still on it, and Yearwood creepily say inunison:“We stand with Ukraine.”This, of course, is the company line of the leftist, as rich, liberal elites love nothing more than a cause that they can get behind where they don’t actually have to do anything.

From there, Yearwood and Brooks implore viewers to send morethan“love and prayers”and, as Garthsays,“dig in your pockets.”Of course, the United States government has sent billions in aid already, most with no real accounting of where it is going, but that doesn’t stop the tone-deaf duo from asking an American people that is already overwhelmingly against any involvement to send their own personal cash.


The timing, of course, is extra cringe, as the United States is suffering from the worst economic crisis since the 70s. However, the rich and famous don’t feel the pain of the everyday American. Except for John Rich, that is.

The country music superstar fired off a tweet that pretty much summed up the situation. hesaid:“Garth and Trisha really want you to know it’s time for you to be a good person, and hand your money over to Ukraine. Ok? Ok.”

The short, simple message said enough. Brooks and Yearwood imply that in order to be good people that Americans should be handing over what little extra money they have to a cause that our government is already sending pallets of cash toward.

That sort of insensitive, tone-deaf messaging certainly isn’t going to win any new fans for Garth Brooks. Perhaps he should lead by example and donate his profits from his tour. Unfortunately, the left likes to put YOUR money where THEIR mouth is. Thankfully we have John Rich to call out the nonsense.