Josh Groban Halts Concert, Hands Microphone To Fan – Watch His Reaction When The Boy Starts To Sing


When renowned singer Josh Groban invited his number one fan onstage to perform with him, he certainly wasn’t expecting the young man to be this talented!

Groban halted this 2011 concert to bring his fan Josh Page onstage and allow the boy to perform with him.

As soon as Page opened his mouth, however, Groban realized that the two had a lot more in common than he thought they did.

The video opens with Groban reading a note from Page as the fan sits in the audience. The note stated that Page wanted to sing “The Prayer” with his idol, so Groban decided to make his dream come true by telling him to come on up on the stage.

When Page began to sing, Groban was stunned when he saw that his top fan had a hauntingly beautiful voice. Nobody in the concert hall could have expected this!

While some singers would have been jealous that another talent was stealing the spotlight, Groban showed no sign of envy.


Instead, he could not hide his excitement at how vocally talented Page was. It’s safe to say that Groban is now Page’s number one fan as well!

Nobody watching this at the time could have known that Page would go on to become part of the singing trio Forte, who made it to the season 8 finals of America’s Got Talent.

We’re sure that Josh Page has a successful future in music ahead of him, so watch where it all started in the video below!