Jennifer Lopez Faces Backlash After Sharing Photo In Balloon-Print Leggings


J-Lo flaunted her body in a stunning over-the-shoulder bathroom selfie Instagram post. She was dressed in a pair of balloon-print leggings.

She tagged activewear brand Niyama Sol, and captioned the post: “Back at it and ready for the weekend.”

In the pic, J-Lo is rocking a tight ponytail and accessorizing with her signature hoop earrings. She posed in front of her bathtub, and was in the tight leggings and a baby pink sports bra. The balloon-print accentuated her backside, which she has always been proud of.

The post attracted tons of praise, but was also slammed by others.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez

Photo Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez

She got over 3 million likes on the post.

“You always have the best leggings!” one person wrote.

“okay these are cute . & you’re looking AMAZING mama,” another one wrote.

“You seriously have the PERFECT body!!!! God Bless you,” a third fan commented.

However, an article by The Daily Mail about the outfit attracted different comments.

“Her obsession with her derriere is just ridiculous,” one reader said.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez

Photo Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez

“WHY???? Does this woman need this much attention all the time?” a second person asked.

Others compared her to the Kardashians:

“To think pre kardashian days every thought her bum was huge.”

“Always selling something like the K family! Zzzzz”

On Saturday, J-Lo shared an Instagram video from the men’s basketball team at Duke University. She captioned it: “#BlackLivesMatter We should be saying this every day. It’s not a political issue. It’s a human rights issue. Repost from @dukembb”

Photo Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez

Photo Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez

On June 19th, she encouraged her fans to join the fight against racism: “Let’s take action: there is a link in my bio to sign a petition created by Opal Lee, a 93 year old woman from Texas, to make Juneteenth a national holiday.”

“If the petition reaches its goal of 500K signatures,” she wrote, “they will work to have legislation update US code 36, which is the list of official US observances, to add Juneteenth.”

Sources: The Blast / Photo Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez