Rep. Nancy Mace Claims “To Be Supporting Jim Jordan For Speaker” Following McCarthy Vote


Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) recently appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” where she voiced her support for Rep. Jim Jordan to serve as House Speaker following McCarthy’s ousting. Mace stated she would support Jordan for his strong values and ability to be an effective Republican politician.

“I will tell you today, I am going to be supporting Jim Jordan for speaker for a number of reasons. I think that his values, his work ethic, his ability to just run circles around everyone with regards to policy and pushing forward. We have been one of the least productive Congresses inside of thirty years, and he is going to be a workhorse for our country,” Mace said.

Mace cited that when a politician gives their word or makes a promise, they should follow through and keep it.  The South Carolina Representative suggested that former Speaker McCarthy fell short of this standard. “Well, first of all, he made a promise to our country that he would follow the law and presenting budget and 12 spending bills,” Mace said.  “There’s a law from 1974 the budget impact and Control Act that says we were supposed to do that. But Congress always manufactures that emergency every year like they don’t know that September 30 exists, and they skirt the law was CRS number one.  I want a speaker who will keep their word and who will get the job done.”

The South Carolina Republican called on her fellow Congressional members to prioritize the country and make a promise to the American people. “I’m really looking forward to rolling up our sleeves this week, no matter how this shakes out and working hard for the American people because we’ve got to stand up for the people. We’ve got to put the American people first and move this country forward and do it in a positive way. And I think he’s going to bring that to the table,” she said.

Mace continued talking about the myriad of problems she seeks to solve in Congress, implying a need for effective political action.  The representative stated she is unwilling to continued jeopardizing the future of America.

“Secondarily, I was very public about working on many different issues whether it was trying to get a balanced budget amendment on the floor, working through the Ethics Committee to come up with a process when we are trying to get people off of committee, that they’re allowed due process that is vetted via the Ethics Committee. I’ve been working on women’s issues. I’ve been working on gun violence issues in our communities, and I had his pledge of support on many of those things. But this is bigger than just me and him this is about the future of our country and mortgaging our kids future and I’m unwilling to do that.”


Mace reaffirmed her focus on a Speaker who will keep their word and address the issues America is presently facing head-on.  “Well, again, for me, it’s someone that will keep their promises that will keep their word and not keeping not kicking the can down the road. And it was a matter of trust, not just for me, but there were other members in our conference.”

Mace continued, “We have to look forward and unite and come together regardless of what has happened in the past. We have to be forward-thinking and look to the future to bring the party together. Bring the people together and let the American people know that we care, and we’re going to work and fight hard for them.”

See footage of the interview below.

Note:  Featured image is a screenshot from the embedded video.