White House press secretary KJP appeared to snap at a reporter when she was asked about the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, pushed by Kevin McCarthy and the GOP. A reporter asked: “Thanks, Karine. On impeachment, you just mentioned House Republicans’ “baseless claims.”  How confident are you that there will be no evidence that incriminates President Biden in Hunter’s business dealings as this goes forward?”

KJP said: “So, let me just give a little bit of a — a laydown here, because I think it’s important: Any specifics to — to the inquiry — certainly, I — I want to say this at the top, as I said to Darlene — I’m going to refer you to my colleagues at the Counsel’s Office. But I want to — also want to be clear about a couple of things.  You know, I just talked about Bidenomics.  I just talked about what the President’s going to do tomorrow: really deliver a major speech — something that the American people want to hear about: what are we doing to improve their lives, work on the economy.  And these are real — real issues, real priorities for Americans — and like I said, like lowering costs.

The American Tribune reported on KJP snapping at a reporter over the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry. Their political news article said:

Continuing, she claimed the GOP has turned up no evidence of misdeeds on Biden’s part, ignoring the allegations made about his family’s influence peddling and his being on phone calls, saying. “But what you see Republicans in Congress — right? — they have spent all year investigating the President.  That’s what they’ve spent all year doing, and have turned up with no evidence — none — he — that he did anything wrong. I mean, that is what we’ve heard over and over again from their almost lear — year-long investigation.  And — and that’s because the President didn’t do anything wrong.  Even — even —”


As that point, a reporter jumped back in to interrupt KJP’s rambling with a question that put the issue and what many people think about the Biden situation very plainly, asking her, “Is lying to the public wrong?”

KJP had no good answer and so instead claimed the question was “inappropriate,” snapping, “even House — even House Republicans have said — have said the evidence does not exist.  House Republicans have said that, to my friend in the back who just yelled out, which is incredibly inappropriate.  But House Republicans have said that there doesn’t —”