Father Snapped Photo Of Daughter Standing With Horses – When He Looked Closer, He Burst Out Laughing!


A father was out for a fun day with his daughter when he decided to snap a photo of his little girl. It wasn’t until he looked at the image later that he realized a hilarious “photobomb” had taken place right before his eyes!

When the father brought his daughter to watch a parade, she was immediately transfixed by the Clydesdale horses that were marching in it. After noticing that his daughter had been looking at the horses all day, the father told her to stand in front of the animals so that he could take her picture with them.

“Say cheese!” the father said as he snapped the photo. When he looked at the photo, however, he realized his daughter wasn’t the only one saying cheese!

A Clydesdale horse completely photobombed the girl, and the horse’s expression indicates that he knew exactly what he was doing! The photo was posted to Reddit recently, and it didn’t take long for it to go viral.

“Made me laugh and I needed that this morning. Great bomb,” one internet user wrote.


“That’s awesome. And some people say animals Don’t have personalities. Lol,” another social media added.

“Too cute! Great photo bomb! Such a cute fella! and little girl!” another user wrote.

Clydesdale horses are known for being friendly and gentle, and for having tons of personality, so perhaps the horse really did knowingly strike the silly pose! In any case, this is a photo that this little girl and her father will undoubtedly treasure for a lifetime.

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