Husband Of 14 Years Walks Away From Wife After Hearing She’ll Never Walk Again, What Wife Did After Will Make You Tear Up


In an incredible tale of recovery and resilience, a woman defied all odds to regain her ability to walk after suffering a paralyzing spinal stroke. Riona Kelly, a 37-year-old from Halifax, Yorkshire, faced the devastating prospect of never walking again after her life took a sudden and tragic turn in March 2015.

Photo Credit: Riona Kelly/Facebook

Photo Credit: Riona Kelly/Facebook

Rushed to the hospital, she was confronted with the harsh reality of her new physical limitations, her legs paralyzed from the waist down. What should have been a time of utmost need and support turned into a moment of heartbreak when her husband decided to end their marriage just five days into her hospital stay.

“I was miserable in my marriage, but we had built a life together and had responsibilities,” Riona recalls, highlighting the sudden abandonment when she needed her husband the most.

The early prognosis from doctors was grim, suggesting she might never recover the ability to walk. As Riona faced the challenging adjustment to life in a wheelchair, she admitted to battling thoughts of despair and hopelessness. She experienced a deep desire not to continue living.

However, the human spirit’s resilience prevailed, and Riona embarked on a remarkable journey of recovery. With the help of countless hours of physiotherapy and unwavering determination, she achieved a breakthrough. Despite the odds and her initial paralysis, she took her first steps on a parallel bar, an emotional triumph.

Her consultant, taken aback by her progress, was astonished that she had defied the dire prognosis. With daily dedication and relentless strength building, Riona’s journey continued. After four months in the hospital, she was finally allowed to return home, though the process of ascending and descending 16 steps still presented a formidable challenge. But her resolve was fueled by her love for her children, and she persevered.


During her rehabilitation, Riona crossed paths with Keith Mason, a 35-year-old personal trainer who would become much more than just a coach. Their relationship evolved as they worked through physiotherapy sessions together, eventually blossoming into love. Now together for 11 months, the couple has blended their families, and Riona feels like she’s living the life she deserves.

Riona’s incredible journey continued, as she completed two marathons with the aid of her wheelchair and achieved the ability to walk without assistance. While her wheelchair still serves her for longer distances, Riona is embracing life’s new opportunities and her newfound strength, crediting her remarkable transformation to love, determination, and an indomitable spirit.

Riona’s ex-husband clarified that he had asked for a divorce the morning before her stroke, not while she was in the hospital, and that he had continued to support her and their children as much as he could during that challenging time. Since that time, they have each gone on to build new lives separately.

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