Target Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons With Bizarre, Woke Christmas Decorations


As Target seeks to recover from a summer boycott that saw its sales crater, the retail giant’s name trended on social media for all the wrong reasons Wednesday after the reveal of a new line of bizarre, woke Christmas decorations.

The popular EndWokeness X page shared images of Target’s new Christmas decorations that include LGBT Pride-themed nutcrackers and disabled Santa figurines.


The new line of decorations have been ruthlessly mocked on social media, with one X user saying “I hope Black Paraplegic Santa brings me a new Metal Detector this year.”

“How on earth is he supposed to go down the chimney??” remarked another.



Target faced a massive boycott over a line of “gender inclusive” clothing targeted towards “trans kids” this past summer. In total, the company lost roughly $15 billion in market value as a result of the protest.