Teacher Was Putting Boy Student In A Dress, Grandpa Decides To Show Up The Next Day


Parents and grandparents alike are always first in line to protect their children and grandkids. While children often don’t know better, it isn’t uncommon for them to push their guardians’ boundaries to see just how much they can get away with. In the case of this child, a teacher was the one pushing the boundaries and the parents had had enough. While parents have the right to say “yes” or “no” to decisions like what their child should wear or do during the school day or daycare, one teacher took this right away from a child’s caretaker. As the case would be with any other parent in a similar situation, this did not sit well with the guardian in question. In a video from Rumble, a daycare worker got into a confrontation with a grandparent. The grandpa, like most caretakers, needed to know what was going on with his grandson while he was at school. The reason for the altercation? The grandpa discovered his son was being put into a dress in daycare.

Showing up to the daycare to speak to the teacher in charge, the grandpa soon learned that his fight to choose what his grandson wears (and doesn’t wear) would be a long one. Though the grandfather wasn’t listed as caretaker on one of the forms, he pointed out how the situation was completely unacceptable. Guiding him towards the director, the daycare worker expressed her uneasiness with the situation but explained she wasn’t in charge. While talking to the director following the daycare’s protocol, the person responsible for the dress situation was the woman in question. Upset and unwilling to back down, the grandfather adamantly demands that the teacher never put his grandson in a dress again.

While the teacher responsible wanted to follow protocol, the grandfather wasn’t having it. In a situation like this, it’s best to talk to all parties in charge, but the heat of the moment can quickly take over. With his emotions high, the grandfather exclaimed “We don’t do the transgender and all that”. Though this statement is the man’s opinion, what should be done in such a scenario? If a child chooses to wear a dress, what can the teacher do? If the teacher chooses to dress the child this way, what can the parents do? The teacher claims that she doesn’t “do transgender stuff” either, but that his grandchild is two. With tensions so high on social media and in the real world around this subject matter, this kind of altercation seems unavoidable.


The grandfather’s frustration ends without a resolution. Throughout the video, he makes a clear demand that the teacher never put his grandchild in a dress again. Despite this, the teacher never apologizes and does not attempt to change her behavior. What would any parent or grandparent do? Whether it’s a dress, shoes, or any other article of clothing, forcing a child to wear something against their parent’s consent is not right. The grandfather demands his voice be heard and assured the teacher that “this ain’t over!” With a promise to make her go viral, the grandfather records the incident on video and, after a few thousand views, it’s now gone viral. While the video ends with no resolve, we can all bet that the grandfather hasn’t given up on his crusade.