I’ve Loved All His Movies, But After Seeing This Photo, I Can Never Look At Him The Same Way


Johnny Depp is fighting a legal battle against his former lover, Amber Heard. Not only had Amber Heard been arrested in 2009 following a screaming match with a friend, Johnny Depp, and the company claim that she was the real abuser in the star-studded relationship. Although Heard has shared a number of disparaging images of Depp, including one where he has passed out with beverage dripping all over his legs (perhaps after drinking too much alcohol or taking too many pain killers), Depp stands behind his claim that she was the “sociopathic show pony” and “Machiavellian overlord,” as Depp’s assistant called her.


Back in 2019, Heard was arrested for snatching Tasya van Ree’s arm and was booked on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence. And text messages from Depp’s former personal assistant Stephen Deuters reveal that Heard was much more violent and unpredictable than she let on in court.

According to Depp’s assistant, a former neighbor of Heard and her lesbian lover often heard “screaming fights which were so loud, vivacious and frequent that it was a real problem being their neighbor.”

Deuters did not hold back his criticism of Heard. In a text message sent to a friend, the assistant wrote: “I’ll have you know it’s on public record that Amber Heard has been arrested for domestic violence before.”

Heard has shared a number of embarrassing photographs of Johnny Depp after one of his iconic binges. In one image (above), he has ice cream spilled all over him after passing out from consuming too much of a mind-altering substance.

Heard captured the image of Depp with the ice cream on his leg while they were aboard a private flight. The next day she confronted him with the “evidence” and told the famous actor, 57, “Look at what you’ve become… look at you, it’s pathetic.”

Although Heard, 34, claims that Depp was the abuser, assistant Deuters reversed the criticism and said Heard was the “abuser.” He also never saw any evidence of injury on her body.


In various written communications, Deuters called Heard a “sociopathic show pony, Machiavellian overlord, talentless c***” after she filed for divorce from the world-famous Hollywood actor.

Despite her claims in court, Deuters watched as Heard forced Depp to endure “years” of both physical and emotional abuse. He was “extremely surprised and outraged” when she publicly filed for a restraining order against Depp.

Depp has spoken about the ice cream picture. He said that he had just been working a series of seventeen-hour days and was on the private plane to the Caribbean to detox from his unhealthy, drug-filled lifestyle.

“I was obviously on the nod and very tired, falling asleep, and the ice cream then spilled all over my leg and then she took that … and showed me the next day and said ‘Look at what you’ve become … look at you, it’s pathetic’.”

Johnny Depp is currently fighting in court, suing a British publication on libel charges.

What do you think about Johnny Depp’s condition? Are you surprised that he was doing drugs and drinking alcohol?

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