Ohio McDonald’s forced to close after customer claims they found something bizarre in breakfast order


McDonald’s restaurant in Ohio was forced to close after a customer claimed to have found a crack pipe among their order.

That’s not exactly the Happy Meal toy you might be hoping for, is it?

The customer claimed to have made the unexpected discovery when they visited McDonald’s at 619 Harrisburg Pike on the West Side of Columbus to buy breakfast.

After opening the bag, they were shocked to find the ‘pipe’ lying inside.

The customer took to Reddit to share news of their find, writing: “Not sure what I should do… Order breakfast from drive thru and a found a crack pipe in the bag… Luckily I’m a adult and not a child opening a happy meal.”

The poster claimed they’d notified the manager about the incident, writing: “I [tried] to give the bag to the manager he didn’t want to take it back.”


After coming across the post, Reddit users encouraged the customer to report the incident to Franklin County Public Health, which forwarded the complaint to Columbus Public Health.

Columbus Public Health then conducted an emergency health inspection at the restaurant.

Following the investigation, the health agency temporarily closed the McDonalds and gave it until 4 January to correct health code violations that it had uncovered.