Paparazzi Sneaks Photos Of Ivanka In A Bikini And Now They’re Going Viral


As the Trumps get used to life outside of the White House, Ivanka Trump, 39, and her husband, Jared Kushner, 40, were photographed living a luxurious life in Miami’s Biscayne Bay last Sunday. In the images, Ivanka, who was photographed wearing nothing but a black bikini, dove into the warm water from the back of the yacht where she was spending time with her family, including daughter Arabella and father-in-law Charles Kushner, 66.

Kushner, who spent fourteen months in prison in 2005 for pleading guilty to eighteen counts of tax evasion, seemed to be enjoying his freedom with the young members of his family. Kushner also confessed his guilt to charges that included witness tampering and making illegal campaign donations. Ivanka’s father, Donald Trump, gave Kushner a full pardon in late 2020 before Biden took over in the White House.

Images of Ivanka in her black bikini have gone viral for several reasons. First, her figure is enviable in the bathing suit. Second, she seems to be getting a rare moment with her family as they enjoy all of the downtime now that they are no longer in the White House. Ivanka was photographed jumping into the clear blue water off the coast of Miami along with her nine-year-old daughter, Arabella. Her other children, Joseph, seven, and Theodore, four, were already in the relaxing water, playing on a water raft.

Charles Kushner found himself in jail after it was revealed during his trial that he had hired prostitutes for duplicitous purposes. The court case found that Kushner hired a prostitute to seduce his brother because the man was cooperating with federal authorities in the Kushner criminal investigation. He paid the woman $10,000 and then filmed her sexual encounter with his brother to use as leverage against the man.

In the paparazzi shots, Jared and Charles are photographed lounging at the back of the yacht while Ivanka enjoys the water with the children. Ivanka was captured on film wearing a skimpy two-piece bikini in black. Her daughter, nine, was photographed beside her in a hot pink one-piece swimsuit.


Daily Mail ran a report of Ivanka’s Miami activity, which attracted a lot of comments from readers. The following are some mixed thoughts from readers across the world:

“The whole family is way too attractive and wealthy for DC, which will fade in their memories as a little gray blip of a speed bump in life.”

“One grandpa just out of prison released by the other grandpa who is about to go to prison.”

“That family is forever stained as a disgrace for trying to overturn the democratic process and supporting an insurrection.”

“She looks like a great wife and mom.”
“Yes, stop taking photos of her. No one cares. Just happy they are out of the White House, good riddance.”
“Was the cameraman on the Moon when he took those Ivanka Beach pics?”
“So what? She is entitled to do WHATEVER she wants as long as no law is being broken.”

What do you think about the Ivanka black bikini images?