Woman Says She Was Evicted From Her Beach Hut Because Everyone Is Jealous Of Her


A 60-year-old model, Michele Spicer, once known for her glamorous beach hut, has recently been handed a suspended jail sentence and a substantial legal bill of £53,000 for breaking an injunction following a tumultuous dispute with her neighbors in Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex.

Michele Spicer, a former teacher, had long enjoyed her beach hut by the seaside, which she affectionately called her ‘mermaid haven.’ However, her idyllic retreat turned into a battleground as she became embroiled in conflicts with her neighbors over what they deemed ‘antisocial behavior.’

Fed-up residents in Goring-by-Sea reported Spicer for various perceived offenses, including careless parking of her open-top Mercedes sports car and blasting loud music from the vehicle’s radio. Tensions escalated as Spicer began to believe that one neighbor, in particular, was conspiring to have her evicted from her beloved beachfront hut.

In a surprising turn of events, the local council revoked her access to the beach hut in 2021, marking her as the first person to be evicted from a beach hut in the area in 25 years. This eviction marked the beginning of a bitter feud that would eventually lead to legal repercussions for Spicer.

Spicer, who considered herself glamorous due to her modeling career and her sleek sports car, attributed her neighbors’ discontent to jealousy. In her own words in 2021, she remarked, “I think it’s because they’re jealous of me because I’m a model and I’m very glamorous with a sports car.”

Her growing animosity towards one neighbor, in particular, led her to embark on what would later be dubbed a ‘revenge campaign.’ This neighbor, whose identity remains protected, went to great lengths to avoid being spotted by Spicer, often resorting to wearing a hoodie and sunglasses even for a quick trip to the corner shop.

Kate Strange, the neighbor’s barrister, recounted the victim’s ordeal, emphasizing how Spicer’s actions had compelled her to leave town and change jobs, causing significant damage to her life. According to Strange, the harassment included verbal abuse, pestering behavior, intimidation, and unauthorized photographing and recording of the victim.

The neighbor lodged 30 complaints with the police, resulting in two community protection orders being issued against Spicer. However, these actions seemingly had no deterrent effect on her. In July of the previous year, the victim felt compelled to seek an injunction to curb Spicer’s ongoing harassment.


The court order prohibited Spicer from approaching the waterfront area near her former hut, contacting or communicating with her victim, visiting her local gym, and engaging in any form of harassment or stalking. Despite the injunction, Spicer continued her campaign of harassment, leading to her eventual contempt of court charge.

Last week, in a dramatic courtroom showdown at the High Court in London, Judge Richard Pearce found Spicer in contempt of court for breaching the injunction. He sentenced her to a 24-week jail term, which was suspended for two years, meaning she would avoid immediate incarceration but remain on probation.

In addition to the suspended jail term, Judge Pearce ordered Spicer to cover her former neighbor’s legal costs, amounting to an estimated £53,000. This ruling dealt a significant financial blow to Spicer, further compounding the consequences of her actions.

The sentencing came shortly after Spicer had publicly taunted her accusers on social media, referring to them as “thick as planks” and boasting about her intelligence. She even referred to her neighbor as a “vulture” and suggested that the police and local council were envious of her.

Spicer’s turbulent relationship with her neighbors and her subsequent legal battles were a far cry from the peaceful life she had envisioned for herself at her beach hut. Having purchased the hut for £15,000 following her divorce in 2020, she had anticipated it as her sanctuary, only for it to become the epicenter of a bitter dispute that would ultimately force her neighbor to sell her house, change jobs, and adopt disguises while going about her daily life.

In the eyes of the court, Spicer’s conduct was not only harmful but also relentless and marked by a desire to inflict maximum distress on her victim. Judge Pearce noted that Spicer had shown little remorse for her actions and underscored the devastating impact of her revenge campaign on the victim’s life.

In conclusion, Michele Spicer’s story serves as a cautionary tale of how a seemingly picturesque seaside escape can turn into a battleground of disputes and legal consequences. Her suspension from jail and the substantial legal bill she now faces stand as a stark reminder of the importance of resolving conflicts in a more constructive and amicable manner.