Model Shows Off The Outfits That She Was Wearing That Caused Her To Get Death Threats


A steamy OnlyFans model named Astrid Wett showed up to the World Cup in a risqué outfit. The sexy model revealed a lot of skin during the soccer matches while she was reporting on behalf of her home country, Great Britain. The sexy OnlyFans model has since allegedly received death threats for wearing sexy clothing during the World Cup games being held in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar, which is very conservative when it comes to what women wear to cover up their bodies.

Some pictures that Wett posted were so controversial that some people shared comments about how she needed to “cover-up.” However, there were also people who shared comments about how the OnlyFans model needed to be brought to her “execution” to end her life because she revealed a bit too much skin during the World Cup.

Qatar is famous for being a very conservative country when it comes to what women are allowed to wear. Other people, including Wett, have also been facing extreme criticism for what they decided to wear to the World Cup. For example, Sports Illustrated reporter, Grant Wahl, wore an LGBTQ-themed shirt while on the air reporting from a World Cup match last week – and the people of Qatar were furious with his choice of clothing.

The 49-year-old Sports Illustrated reporter then died a few days after appearing in the LGBTQ-themed outfit. He had complained of a minor chest cold, and his official cause of death was reported to be a heart attack. Everyone who knew him always said that Wahl was in great shape and the last person who should have had a heart attack at this stage in his life.

Meanwhile, OnlyFans model Astrid Wett has been reporting on the matches with Great Britain and its opponents. Although she likes to show off some skin while appearing in public in Qatar to report on the World Cup, she has sparked outrage among the conservative Qataris who do not want to see a woman’s body in all of its glory.


Wett sparked the most outrage while reporting on the matches between Great Britain and Australia, and Argentina. In one of the matches, she wore a short denim skirt along with a white bikini top.

“Wow, what a game this World Cup,” she captioned the viral picture that outraged conservative viewers who felt she should have covered up more while reporting from Qatar.

Comments streamed in about Astrid Wett’s scandalous outfit. While many Britons and other Westerners were attracted to the young OnlyFans model in her skimpy outfit, other people shared numerous comments about what she decided to wear while appearing on camera.

“Astrid here is Qatar, not England,” read one.

“Cover yourself up, respect another country’s rules and culture,” read another.

One person sent Wett a GIF entitled “VAR EXECUTION.”

Do you think this OnlyFans model should be receiving death threats for wearing skimpy outfits in Qatar?