WATCH: AOC Town Hall Erupts In Total Chaos As Constituent Calls Her A “Piece Of Sh**”


According to a video that made the rounds on Twitter the other day, a Friday town hall of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s in the Corona neighborhood of New York City turned to total chaos when a constituent called her a “piece of sh*t.”

During the incident, the heckler shouted “” and protesters chanted “America First” as the crowd booed and the heckler was led away. Before being led away the heckler also, waving small American flags as he did so, yelled, “.”

Another heckler shouted, “We are on a verge of nuclear war with Russia” during the town hall, with another, an Iraq War veteran, yelling, “Immigrants have nothing to do with vets, it’s just an excuse” at leftists chanting about migrants.


Commenting on the Twitter video, people tore into AOC. One, for example, claimed that AOC hated the Trump tax cuts, saying, “

Continuing, that commenter said, “”

Another noted that she dodged questions about the obscene amount already spent on funding the war in the Ukraine, saying, “”

Similarly, another said, “” Another focused on AOC’s supporters at the town hall, saying, “” Similarly, another commenter said, “”

Watch the video here: