The Mechanic Asked Her To Stay Outside Because Of Her “Inappropriate” Outfit


How much thought do you put into your outfit before running errands? Probably not a lot. You might be focusing on dressing for comfort and the weather. That’s what a TikTok user named Tia did when she needed to take her car to a mechanic for an inspection.

Tia shared on TikTok that she didn’t really think about what she was wearing. It was summer, and it was hot outside. That meant she chose something that was comfortable for her. She wore white sneakers, denim shorts and what she describes as a crop top, while some of her followers argue that the top she chose was too revealing to be considered a crop top.

When Tia arrived at the mechanic’s office, the inspector told her she needed to wait outside instead of waiting in the waiting room with the other customers. Why? Because the inspector thought Tia’s top was “inappropriate.”

Tia later added that it wasn’t even that she was told to wait outside, but there was more to it than that. She explained, “Not only was I forced to wait outside but I was instructed to walk around the back of the building so no one saw me.”

There are about 2500 comments on Tia’s video, and they are largely split about whether or not Tia’s outfit was appropriate or not. Some argued that Tia “top” was more like a bathing suit top than a crop top and not at all appropriate for running errands. One comment reads, “I guarantee it’s because it looks like a bathing suit top. I’ve actually been denied entry for wearing something very similar.”

Another comment reads, “Because it’s not a shirt? Have you ever heard of no shoes no shirt no service?”


Other viewers argued that Tia’s top is definitely a crop top and 100% appropriate for running errands on a hot summer day.

One viewer wrote, “That’s not inappropriate and I’m OLD. You see this every summer in stores etc. if it’s not allowed it should be posted at the entrance.”

Another viewer commented, “Bruh. Even if it isn’t a crop top, which it is, it isn’t showing anything inappropriate. There’s nothing wrong with this outfit at all.”

In a follow-up video, Tia called the mechanic’s office and asked the person who answered the phone if there is a “dress code.” She was told that there is not a dress code, and the person at the office apologized for her experience.

Do you think Tia’s outfit was appropriate for running errands?

Watch Tia’s TikTok below to see the outfit the mechanic considered “inappropriate.”

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