WATCH: MTG Snaps, Smacks Down Left-Wing Reporter With Epic Comeback


A testy exchange between a far-left reporter and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) left the Georgia Republican swatting away loaded questions about conspiracy theorists with expletives and a wave of the hand.

Speaking with former BBC host Emily Maitlis at President Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday gathering, Rep. Greene celebrated the Republican leader’s careful consideration of vice presidential picks and suggested that Nikki Haley, who is expected to drop out of the race on Wednesday, should not be on that list.

“That’s the question everyone asks and no, I don’t think Nikki Haley should be on that list,” she said, adding that she would be grateful to join Trump’s ticket but is happy to support him from her perch in Congress should he win in November.

“I support President Trump in any way, anyway he’d ask me. But I can assure you it won’t be Nikki Haley.”


That’s when Maitlis dropped the unbiased charade and swooped in to ask about Greene’s supposed support for conspiracy theories.

“Can you tell me why so many people that support Donald Trump love conspiracy theories, including yourself?” she asked.

“Let me tell you: you’re a conspiracy theorist, and the left and the media spreads more conspiracy theories. We like the truth, we like supporting our freedoms and our Constitution, and America First,” she replied while turning to leave. But Maitlis wasn’t done.

“What about Jewish space lasers?” Maitlis quipped.

“Why don’t you go talk about Jewish space lasers and really why don’t you f*** off?” Green shot back.

Supporters of the staunch Trump ally were quick to praise her for calling out the reporter’s trolling.

“I love MTG she takes no crap from anyone!” wrote one user on X.

Elected in 2020, Green has had to contend with allegations of supporting conspiracy theories since arriving to Congress after being dubbed the first “QAnon supporter” to win a Republican congressional primary. She distanced herself from that notion and instead carved out a gadfly role in Congress, shouting down President Biden during his State of the Union while bringing a white balloon to another to symbolize the Chinese spy balloons that were unleashed over American military bases last year. Greene has also directed her fire to progressive House colleagues who use her as a foil, introducing resolutions against Squad members Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MN) for what she claimed were antisemitic remarks against Israel following the October 7th, 2023 attack by Hamas.