Curvy Influencer Calls On Airlines To Make Seats Bigger, When You Zoom Out You’ll See Why


In a bold plea to the airline industry, Gracie Bon, a prominent Instagram figure, is demanding more generous seating to accommodate her curvier physique during flights. The 26-year-old influencer from Panama recently shared a video illustrating her struggles, including a visibly tight seatbelt, while on a plane.

Photo Credit: graciebon/Instagram

Photo Credit: graciebon/Instagram

Her impassioned Instagram post, viewed by her 4.5 million followers, quickly gained traction, accumulating 1.3 million views and sparking over 3,500 comments. In the video, Bon asserted, “Airplanes should have bigger seats. So today, I had a flight, and even in first class, I couldn’t fit on the airplane – so this is a petition for all the airlines so big girls like me can fly.”

Undoubtedly, Bon’s call for change has not gone without controversy. Some viewers were quick to attribute her discomfort to her own choices, particularly her history of body modification surgeries. Critics argued that these elective procedures were responsible for her predicament, prompting suggestions like buying two seats or exploring alternative modes of transportation.

In the midst of this debate, Bon found support from users who shared similar experiences. One commenter empathized, stating, “Agreed. Certainly, I require a more spacious seat and a seatbelt with a gentler buckle. Is it possible to include a tray designed to accommodate larger busts?”

This conversation about accommodating larger passengers has been a long-standing point of contention within the travel industry. Jaelynn Chaney, a plus-size influencer, heightened the discourse in 2023 when she urged the FAA to revise what she labeled as “discriminatory” policies. Chaney, a size 6XL, argued that these policies unjustly burden larger passengers with additional expenses.

Photo Credit: graciebonr/Tiktok

Photo Credit: graciebonr/Tiktok

In a recent interview with CNN Travel, Chaney stood by her assertion, emphasizing the discriminatory nature of current airline policies. She maintained that it was unfair for larger individuals to be charged more than their thinner counterparts, even if it meant other passengers might see increased fares.

Adding to the controversy, a recent incident involving an ‘obese’ woman who purchased an extra seat for comfort reignited the debate. The woman, sharing her experience on Reddit, revealed that a mom asked her to relinquish the extra seat for her toddler. The ensuing online debate delved into the complexities of accommodating larger passengers and the balance of individual rights during air travel.

Photo Credit: graciebonr/Tiktok

Photo Credit: graciebonr/Tiktok

As influencers like Gracie Bon and Jaelynn Chaney continue to amplify their voices, the aviation industry faces mounting pressure to address the diverse needs of passengers. The clash between personal comfort, individual rights, and financial considerations remains a contentious issue, sparking a passionate dialogue on the future of air travel inclusivity.