Influencer Sparks Outrage For Posting ‘Blasphemous’ Bikini Photo, Deletes It Soon After


TikTok sensation Addison Rae finds herself in the midst of a social media storm, having removed a controversial bikini picture that ignited criticism from some Christian influencers.

This now-deleted post, making waves since August 2, showcased Rae in a white bikini adorned with the words “Father” and “Son” on the top and “Holy Spirit” on the bottom. PopBuzz first reported the photo, no longer visible on her account, prompting debates about its appropriateness.

Photo Credit: addisonraee/Instagram

Photo Credit: addisonraee/Instagram

The bikini, named the “Holy Trinity Bikini Set,” is a collaboration between the independent brand Praying and sportswear giant Adidas, available for $100 on Praying’s website. The provocative imagery didn’t sit well with some, as comments underneath the post argued it was disrespectful to Christians.

Despite its deletion, fan accounts on Twitter reposted the image, keeping the controversy alive. Addison Rae, who boasts over 40 million Instagram followers, has remained silent on the issue on both her Instagram and TikTok accounts, leaving the public in suspense about her stance.

Defending the TikTok star, several Twitter users argued that the bikini wasn’t offensive to Christians, with one individual identifying as a Christian saying they were “not offended by it at all.”

Interestingly, other celebrities have donned variations of the bathing suit without facing similar scrutiny. Victoria De Angelis from the Italian rock band Måneskin and Christina Aguilera, for instance, showcased their versions without causing a stir.

Photo Credit: addisonraee/Instagram

Photo Credit: addisonraee/Instagram

In response to the backlash, Instagram influencer Brittany Dawn Davis took to Instagram on August 7, expressing her discomfort with Rae’s photo. She urged Rae to keep Jesus out of the controversy, criticizing what she perceives as the societal acceptance of mocking Christianity.

Davis clarified that her intention wasn’t to cancel Rae but to offer prayers and support, stating, “To Addison Rae, if you see this, I’m not here to cancel you. As someone who follows the Christian faith, my purpose is to extend prayers on your behalf, intercede for you, and hold the belief that the Lord is actively seeking your heart, just as He did with mine three years ago.”

Photo Credit: Addison Rae Updates/X

Photo Credit: Addison Rae Updates/X

The controversy surrounding the “Holy Trinity Bikini Set” extends to the brand Praying, which features various Christian or “God-themed” products on its website, including bags, hats, and T-shirts claiming “God’s favorite.”

Rae, catapulted to fame on TikTok, currently ranks as the fourth most-followed TikToker, boasting over 88 million followers. In 2021, she signed a lucrative multi-film Netflix deal, securing her position as a major player in the entertainment industry.

Despite the swirling controversy, representatives for Addison Rae, Praying, and Adidas have yet to respond to requests for comment, leaving followers curious about how this chapter in Rae’s social media journey will unfold.

Sources: Business Insider