WATCH: Jim Jordan Drops Major Update On Hunter Biden Investigation, Calls Out Contradictory Statements


Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan recently provided a major update on the investigations into Hunter Biden’s business practices and President Biden’s alleged involvement in such activities.  Jordan addressed allegations of contradicting statements by Hunter Biden and his father regarding business relationships with Ukrainian Energy Company Burisma.  Appearing on Fox News’ “Varney & Co.,” the House Judiciary chairman highlighted apparent inconsistencies in Hunter’s testimony.

“Well, I even had a little bit on that Stuart. He also said he couldn’t remember if he ever took a laptop to a, you know, to a computer store in Delaware. He said that there was no way that that WhatsApp message that we’ve now become familiar with where he said his dad sitting beside him, he says, No, I didn’t send that and, and even if I did, my dad wasn’t sitting beside me. I mean, the number of times he said something that was directly contradicted by other witnesses that we’ve already deposed and evidence we’ve already taken in, was, was a big number,” Jordan told host Stuart Varney.

Varney then questioned if there would be public hearings with Hunter Biden in relation to these findings.  Jordan indicated that he and House Oversight Committee James Comer are looking into pursuing such action.

“Yeah, we’re looking to do that. I think that Chairman Comer said that he wants to do that. So we’re pursuing that and hopefully that will happen soon. Next week, we have another deposition where this Democrat public relations firm that did work for Burisma this Ukrainian energy company, were talking to one of those principals,” Jordan continued.

The Ohio representative then called out the findings from Special Counsel Robert Hurt which partly concluded that Joe Biden should not have charges brought against relating to his mishandling of classified information due to his age and failing memory.  “And then the following week we have Robert Hur Special Counsel Hur who released the report on Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents he comes in for a public hearing on March 12,” he said.

“Robert Hur said Joe Biden willfully, intentionally, deliberately mishandled classified information over decades his entire time in public office. Then Joe Biden willfully, intentionally, deliberately gave that information to the ghostwriter who was writing his book. So that happened he that’s that’s that’s a violation of the law. But then Robert Hur said but because he is an old man who can’t remember, we’re not going to charge him because we think he would play well in front of a jury. And the Democrats is Oh, no, no, you can’t say that. That’s fortuitous. That’s not accurate. Well, let’s see the information. Let’s see the tapes,” Jordan added.

Maintaining his constitutional duty to perform systematic oversight as the House Judiciary chair, Jordan laid out the damning evidence that has been gathered against the Biden’s.  Jordan doubled down that his committee would seek to uncover the truth in this matter.

“I always say there are four facts that are never going to change. Hunter Biden got put on the board of this Ukrainian energy company and got paid a million bucks a year. Factually, he wasn’t qualified. He said so himself. Fact three there in Dubai and the Devon Archer tells us there’s a request from the Ukrainian energy company executives, for them to weigh in and relieve the pressure that’s being applied to the to that company and fact for Joe Biden goes to Ukraine three days later, and conditions to release a tax money on the firing of that very prosecutor that’ll happen know that you can’t change those fundamental facts. And then there’s a bunch of information around that that shows the selling of the brand, the money, the business, the brand is what I like to how I like to describe it,” he concluded.