The Claim: The Golden Globes was set to give Whoopi Goldberg a Lifetime Achievement Award but canceled it with only a week to go before the show.


Whoopi was going to we ar her signature purple dress and have her hair done up in a new style for her big night until the word came down from above: The award would go to Keanu Reeves, who nobody has an issue with, because…he’s Keanu Reeves. So Whoopi decided to accept the invite to go to the show but agreed to keep to herself and not start any trouble.


Showrunner Joe Barron told a source that they have three security guards on hand just in case she gets out of hand or if Will Smith shows up. Tom Cruise, who was also snubbed from the show, says he doesn’t support the banning of personalities but he agreed it was a good idea in Whoopi’s case. “That woman is off the rails,” said Cruz, “she’s the reason I turned down Ghost.”

Whoopi was also snubbed for the Oscars this year. Some have speculated that she won’t get any awards until she apologizes to Kyle Rittenhouse. Others believe it may be because she wasn’t technically “in” anything.

Either way the Golden Globes will be worth watching just to not see her there. God bless America.