Ann-Margret is 81 years old; she has found “love” who is “not a stranger,” rides motorcycles, and acts… She has no plans to slow down…


Although Ann-Margret has a lot of reasons to be happy of her life, the one she is most proud of is the marriage she had with her late husband. She was in her 70s when she lost him, and now she is in her 80s with a zeal for life that can compete with that of a younger person.

Ann-Margret is a skilled actress who has a long list of credits to her name; nonetheless, she does not consider these accomplishments to be her proudest. Ann-Margret is under the impression that the honor is due to the fact that she was married to the late Roger Smith, with whom she remained together until his passing.

The multitalented performer, who is also known as a triple threat, is still living in the same house in Los Angeles that she and Smith bought in 1968, and she has nothing but positive things to say about their marriage.

She was reportedly quoted as saying, “When I look back on my life, the one thing of which I am the most proud is my marriage.” Ann-Margret was thankful for the time she spent with Smith since it contributed to her happiness in the relationship with the actor. According to her account, the two of them had expressed a desire for their marriage to be successful, and it ultimately did.

The two individuals shared their nocturnal activities and never strayed too far from one another during their waking hours. That is the level of love that they had for one another.

Even though they did not have any children of their own, it was still quite successful. Ann-Margret did all in her power to have a child with Richard Burton, but the couple was unable to start a family of their own.

She tried for thirteen years, going so far as to use a fertility pump and a device that injected her with a hormone that was meant to help stimulate ovulation. She was unsuccessful.

She tried everything, but in the end, she decided that the only option left was to accept the role of stepmom to his three children. Despite the fact that she had previously referred to herself as the “wicked stepmother of the west,” Ann-Margret was a wonderful mother to her children.

Ann-Margret was born in 1941 in Sweden, where her family was a part of a village of around 160 individuals at the time. She had already begun exhibiting indications of fame at the age of 6, since she adored singing and dancing, but it was not until after her family relocated to the United States following the end of the second world war that she truly had an opportunity to flourish.

The gifted lady was able to get a contract with RCA, and the following year, in 1961, she made her debut as an actress in the film “Pocket Full of Miracles,” in which she played opposite Bette Davis.

She went on to establish a reputation for herself in the performing field after that, and many days later, her ageless beauty and fiery hair have continued to be fashionable.

Even though Ann-death Margret’s of Smith, the love of her life, occurred when she was 76 years old, the loss was very difficult for her. Despite this, she has found ways to cherish the memories they had while continuing to live her life. How does she go about her life now that Smith is no longer in it? By engaging in activities that bring her joy.

She just started dating again and rides a motorcycle.

Although the loss of a loved one is never easy, Ann-Margret has found methods to fill the emptiness left by Smith’s absence, even if Smith will never be replaced in her eyes.

Riding motorcycles, which Ann-Margret has revealed in the past is one of the things that helps her get to her dates on time, is now one of the things that Ann-Margret likes doing in her spare time. The actress has always had a passion for motorbikes, but these days she rides much more often than before.

When asked what it is about contemporary devices that captivates her, she said, “Speed.” Being exposed to the elements, including the wind, the rain, and whatever else may be out there. Simply said, it’s quite thrilling.

It has been said that one of her most recent purchases is a Harley Davidson motorcycle that is lavender in color and that she rides on occasion. She purchased the Harley Davidson in Brainerd, Minnesota, where it is adorned with several daisy-like white flowers. Once, she said that

When I ride my bike anywhere, especially if it’s a spot frequented by cyclists, it’s the only purple bike there. My lavender may be found among the Harleys and the Ducatis, along with the other flowers. Unquestionably fascinating in every way. They seem to like the situation.”

Ann-Margret has said that the second guy she has been seeing is someone she already knows, and she continues to ride horses. Ann-Margret has been coy about the specifics, but she has revealed that he caused her to fall in love with someone else for the second time, which she describes as a “pleasant sensation.” This lively woman is an exception to the rule when it comes to women her age who choose to live life at a more sedate pace.


She continues to attend many Hollywood gatherings and has acting projects that she has worked on that are almost ready to be shown to the public. It’s possible that Ann-Margret rose to popularity as a result of her rendition of “bye, bye,” but if her recent behavior is any clue, she is not quite ready to bid goodbye just yet.

She has no intention of retiring from the acting world.
However, despite her advanced age, Ann-Margret has made it very plain that she has no intention of retiring from acting and has no intentions to do so in the foreseeable future. At least, not at this time. In her words:

“It’s a common misconception that once you reach a particular age, you automatically stop doing things like… You don’t stop. You proceed.”

Ann-Margret made the announcement in 2021 that she will be participating in the romantic comedy named “Queen Bees.” Her role was a busy bee who was dreaded by others who did not belong to their group of Queen bees in the movie, which depicts the lives of people in a retirement home.

Jane Curtin, Ellen Burstyn, and Loretta Devine are the three other women that have the title of Queen bee. The movie’s primary emphasis was on a romantic relationship, but one of the most valuable lessons it taught was the significance of having friends of all ages.

Ann-Margret has maintained a career in acting, but she has also continued to showcase her musical abilities. Earlier on in this year, she gave an interview in which she discussed her future music album, which would be named “Born to Be Wild.”

According to what she has said, the new album will have both new songs and reimagined versions of some of her older stuff. She said that her close buddy Bobby Darin was responsible for the recording of one of her all-time favorite songs. According to rumors, the song’s name is “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” Because she like how Darin had put it all together, she considered it to be her greatest track on the album.

Ann-Margret said that the only thing she has planned so far for her fans in the near future was leisure when she was asked what else she had planned for them. She said that it would enable her to regain her strength, and that after that, she would determine what to do next.

Ann-Margret has said that whatever it is, she typically does not know until she thinks about it, so her admirers will simply have to wait to find out for themselves.