Elon Musk Says He Might Buy “The View” Just to Cancel It: “It’s Nothing But Trash”


Elon Musk has had some pretty wild ideas in his time. Electric cars. Spaceships. Overhauling a major social media platform. Of all his ideas, however, thios one might be his best.

Musk is considering purchasing the television show “The View”…just so he can cancel it. “That show is nothing but trash,” said the billionaire, “it would be fun to buy it just to make it stop.”

His dream could become a reality, according to Hollywood show broker Joe Barron. “Musk has real buying power,” said Barron, “he already owns Young Sheldon and a few other of his favorites. Buying a show just to cancel it, however, is a bit odd.”

Odd or not, it’s Musk’s right to purchase anything he wants, as long as nobody tells him no. In this case, the women of the show will likely have a real hissy fit, but Musk says he doesn’t care. “Have you seen the Holiday Specials lately? I’m just not feeling it.”


The show is listed on the HSB Market for $112 million plus production costs and salaries. “That’s nearly half,” said Betsy DeVos.”

If Musk does follow through, his plan could come to fruition as early as next week. That’s capitalism for you, folks. God Bless America.