Gordon Ramsay’s Staff Takes a Knee as he Tosses Colin Kaepernick from Hell’s Kitchen


When Chef Gordon Ramsay saw former NFL quarterback and national traitor, Colin Kaepernick, sit down at the famed Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas, he couldn’t let it go. He tried to ignore the obvious discomfort among guests and his own staff. Kaepernick, a favorite among the radical left, isn’t popular with the general public, especially patriotic Americans.

Ramsay might be from Wales, but he understands what it means to love your country. By the time the appetizers were almost ready, the chef was feds up. He glanced over to see the traitor taking a knee with the one fan he had in the restaurant for a selfie. Ramsay sprung into action.

“You can just fuck off then,” Ramsay said sternly, “Hey. Kitchen staff. Red and blue. Get out there and take a knee while this wanker fucks off.”


The staff gleefully took a knee while the rest of the patrons clapped. A former Marine stood up as he left and started singing the national anthem. The entire restaurant stood and placed their hands on their hearts and sang along.

America is still out there, patriots. Sing the anthem in public. At restaurants. Live free.

God bless America.