Fans Outraged Over Geraldo’s Remark about New House GOP Majority


Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera, one of the main personalities on “The Five,” is in some very hot water once again with his more conservative critics, this time over an opinion he posted to Twitter about the House GOP majority and the priorities of that majority, particularly investigating Hunter Biden for his past dealings and looking into what Joe Biden knew about them.

And that wasn’t all. Geraldo also was upset about the special counsels that have been appointed to look into both President Biden and former President Donald Trump regarding their holding of classified information.

Posting about all that on social media, Geraldo said:

Appointing a Special Counsel to investigate President Biden is as lame as it was to raid & relentlessly probe President Trump. Scold both of them. Revoke their library cards. Then, for the good of the country, move on.
This case has 0 impact on the American people

Predictably, conservative Twitter was furious and sounded off on Geraldo in the comments of that post, saying things like (as always, these comments are included not to put forward any statement of fact but rather to reflect what people online are saying about an issue. Take them and use them only as that, not as the American Tribune making any statement of fact or claim on the matters discussed in the below comments):

“I may be mistaken but I missed your vitriolic response when trumps residence was raided with armed agents going through his wife’s underwear drawer.”

“Well, talk to your tribe, the Democrats. We have been hearing BS about Trump for 6 years now, plus the multi-millions of wasted taxpayer’s money on investigations and 2 impeachments. Now you want to move on because Democrats are on the clock to be investigated.”

“The censorship is over, Geraldo. Your narrative doesn’t hold water anymore. We know what’s going on, and nothing you say can spin it. Joe Biden is guilty.”

“Whitewashing a VP stealing classified documents (which it has been reported are conveniently on point w/ topics/nations his son Hunter was in business dealings with) and holding on to them for 6+ yrs on various unsecure locations is NOT the best look Geraldo… A little sus…”


Many other comments said much the same thing, shredding Geraldo for his perceived attachment to the Uniparty and making peace with the left, the side on which many commenters insinuated or outright stated that he is, over the right and trying to win the culture war that has been ongoing in America.

Geraldo’s comments are quite opposed to what many others are saying when they appear on Fox News Channel. Rep. James Comer, for instance, appeared on FNC’s “The Story”  and said:

“Well, we wonder if the Secret Service had records now, that’s our next question. Because he still had Secret Service protection. And you would assume that the Secret Service would vet people that would be allowed on the premise of the dwelling for the President of the United States.

“So, there are other areas we’re going to look. I’m sure all of the records have either been destroyed or never existed to begin with. But at any rate, this is very concerning. The security cameras, remember the FBI, when they raided Mar-a-Lago, they also took the security cameras to look at security footage. Did they do the same with Joe Biden? We do know he has surveillance cameras there.”