Travis Tritt Drops Anheuser-Busch As Bud Light Signs Dylan Mulvaney


Country music star Travis Tritt took to Twitter to announce that he will now be excluding all Anheuser-Busch products for his upcoming events in response to the uber-woke Bud Light campaign that features Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney is a transgender individual who in a single year of celebrating “womanhood” has gone from an obscure nobody to a millionaire. “female” social media influencer.

“I will be deleting all Anheuser-Busch products from my tour hospitality rider. I know many other artists who are doing the same,” Tritt posted after the Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney partnership was announced. Tritt then went on to post. graphic showing all of Anheuser Busch’s products so that people know what to boycott. Here that is:

“In full disclosure, I was on a tour sponsored by Budweiser in the 90’s. That was when Anheuser-Busch was American owned. A great American company that later sold out to the Europeans and became unrecognizable to the American consumer. Such a shame,” Tritt wrote in another follow-up to the original tweet.

Fox News Digital, describing the beer company’s campaign, said, “Mulvaney, born a biological male, revealed the “365 Days of Girlhood” campaign over the weekend and said the beer company sent packs of Bud Light featuring her face on them. The trans activist described the cans as her “most prized possession” on Instagram. She also shared a video of her drinking a Bud Light beer in a bathtub.”

Here is the bathtub video referenced by Fox News Digital:

And Tritt wasn’t the only one to announce a boycott of Anheuser-Busch products. Conservative country star John Rich joined as well, tweeting that he’d ban that woke company’s products from his bar. “What beer should my bar [Redneck Riviera] in Nashville replace #BudLight with?” Rich tweeted on Wednesday.

Along with Tritt and Rich, rap and country rock star Kid Rock attacked the new Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney partnership in a hilarious video posted to Twitter. In a video seen almost 50 million times from his account alone, Rock blasted the ad in an epic way. The American Tribune previously reported on that video, saying


Patriot rockstar Kid Rock reacted to the recent news that Budweiser had made Dylan Mulvaney one of its spokespersons by propping up a few cases of Bud Lights and lighting them up for target practice in a now-viral video circulating social media.

Rock has made it clear he despises the woke movement, and for this particular video, he simply turns around and says “Grandpa is feeling a little frisky today. Let me say something to all of you and be as clear and concise as possible.”

He then proceeds to open fire on the several cases, sending cardboard, aluminum, and beer flying – or outright disappearing in a barrage of lead.

Take a look at this hilarious response to one of the most outlandish woke campaigns yet.

So that was entertaining, though hopefully he didn’t buy