True: Fox Entertainment Signed Roseanne For a Morning Talk Show Opposite “The View”


The claim: Fox Entertainment signed Roseanne Barr to a 3-year, $40 million deal to do a morning talk show to rival “The View.”

Claimed by: Internet sources, Gary Busey, Ye.

Fact checked by: Flagg Eagleton – Patriot

We Rate this claim: TRUE!

It is real. After Roseanne’s outstanding stand-up performance thrilled both crowds and reviewers, her comeback to show business has taken off. She was instantly given a huge contract by Fox Entertainment to host a program similar to “The View” because it was so excellent.

Roseanne remarked, “My stupid kids love her. They even gave me the same time slot so I can smack the libtards at the same time Whoopi is talking about saving the communists. Yet, since incest is deeply ingrained in our ancestry, they are probably just a little bit unique, if you get what I mean.

Her sense of humor never ceases to amuse. That is how we are able to be certain that the story is real without even having to look. Roseanne should be commended and rewarded for making her viewers feel such excruciating discomfort. That degree of admiration is due to her.


The way she utilized the first four minutes of her show to cry and complain as if she didn’t ruin her own career with bigotry and Q-anon was cutting edge, according to Fox CEO Joe Barron. Awesome to watch, I must say. She just assumed control.

Roseanne did a great job. The best is what you deserve. Godspeed to the USA.