Bud Light 24-Pack Sells for Astonishingly Low Price as Sales Crash Continues


According to industry reports, Bud Light sales have fallen for the sixth consecutive week since the Bud Light boycott began in April.  Bud Light has to offer serious incentives to get the beer off the shelves as consumer demand has plummeted.

Reportedly, at least one store is selling a 24-pack of Bud Light for as low as $3.49.  Parent company Anheuser-Busch is also introducing a customer rebate for Memorial Day weekend.  The discount seeks to provide an amount “equivalent to the purchase price of one (1) 15-pack or larger, up to $15.” According to a statement from Bud Light, “GET UP TO $15 BACK VIA REBATE ON THE PURCHASE OF BUDWEISER, BUD LIGHT, BUDWEISER SELECT, OR BUDWEISER SELECT 55.”

Some 15-packs of Bud Light sell for under $15; therefore, with the rebate, Bud Light is resorting to giving free beer to customers. Michael Hall tweeted a picture showing a Bud Light and Budweiser display with the heavily discounted beer that was free after the rebate was applied.  The post’s caption read, “Displays seen in two different stores in Wisconsin, a state known for drinking a lot of beer:”

One user commented below the post, “Haha they’re trying.”  Michael Hall responded, “I do feel sorry for the distributors and wholesalers who have a lot of $$ tied up in inventory, but the brewing company, not so much.”  Another person said, “I think I could walk out the store with a couple of free cases. The point is made. AB totaled their reputation, but at the end of the day, the beer isn’t really poison. ..or worse than any other American light beer.”

Another person responded, “That’s the final nail in their coffin, though. It is worse. It’s an objectively bad product that people enjoyed purely for its cultural value as an American Classic. Like Ford, or Oscar Mayer.”  One user weighed in, “This should beba good lesson for the WOKE crowd. Stay the hell out of it if you want to sell products to the vast majority who are not WOKE. We speak with out pockets.”


According to recent reports, Bud Light sales for the week ending May 13 fell 28.4 percent, with a 27.7 percent decline the prior week.  Parent company Anheuser-Busch has also lost nearly $15.7 billion in market value after the Dylan Mulvaney promotion.  The American Tribune reported:

A new report in Investor’s Business Daily estimates that the parent company of Bud Light, Anheuser-Busch InBev, has had its market value plunge by a staggering, painful $15.7 billion since the Dylan Mulvaney controversy began on April 1st of this year.

Investor’s Business Daily, to make that estimate, had to convert the data to US dollars using S&P Global Market Intelligence, beginning things with the April 1st video Mulvaney posted to advertise Bud Light during the March Madness playoffs. It found that while Bud Light has seen its market value decline by $15.7 billion, its competitors have seen their market value increase by $3.2 billion. Molson Coors has received the lion’s share of the advantage, adding about $2.2 billion in market value since the Dylan Mulvaney controversy began.