BREAKING: House Will “Absolutely” Impeach Joe Biden After FBI Hands Over Bombshell Document


Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) revealed that he expects that the House Oversight Committee’s probe of FBI informants who claim that U.S. President Joe Biden engaged in an international bribery scheme will lead to presidential impeachment.

“Where is this going?” Maria Bartiromo asked. “They impeach Trump. Are you going to move to impeach Joe Biden?”

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Biggs said. “He would need to be impeached. And then once he was impeached, or hopefully there’d be some Democrats in the Senate that would recognize how grave the situation is and encourage him to resign like Goldwater did to Nixon. But, but once he’s out of there, then he would have to be indicted because this is a gross criminal misconduct.”

“And some would even suggest treasonous, ” he added. “But I’m holding my, my tongue on that just yet. But we have got to find out how extensive this was. And then we have to take action.”


“I mean enough talk,” he said. “Talk is talk, but if we produce this evidence that we’re starting, that’s starting to pile up. By the way. There’s so much evidence that’s voluminous that’s taking everything we have with our staff to go through this. But as it piles up, if it is consistent with where the direction it seems to be headed, he should be impeached. And the Democrats cannot defend them with the lies going out that we heard earlier this week.”

“They’re gonna have to come to grips with this thing,” he added.